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Blueriq for software providers

As a software provider, innovation is essential. You must be able to anticipate developments in your market. However, if the pressure is high, if resources and time are scarce, you have an aging IT landscape or if the world around you is changing too fast, this is no easy task. That’s why we help software providers extend the lifetime of their products and/or increase their innovative capacity.


The Digital Assistant

With our Digital Assistant solution, we offer companies the opportunity to handle repetitive matters personally and efficiently with the customer. When there is an ambiguity, the assistant also offers the possibility of clarification. This way, a customer can get personal help without personal contact. Under the name Quarine, the Digital Assistant solution is already being used by Quantaris.

The Digital Assistant Client case Quantaris
It is possible

Innovation and legacy: hand in hand

Your existing IT landscape doesn’t need to stand in the way of innovation or of swiftly translating new customer wishes into your product. With the aid of modern reference architecture, Blueriq can quickly interpret your current situation and assess its value. We can integrate within the existing IT landscape and utilise what’s already there. We also take a critical look at your current way of working and advise you on improvements. In this way, we pinpoint the places in your IT landscape that would benefit from an extra boost.

The recipe for a long lifetime

By linking with the existing systems and standards within the IT landscape, we create a single harmonised system. Blueriq enables the process layer to be redesigned, thus creating space for a personal and efficient service provision for your customers. Isolated software becomes a thing of the past. Instead, an ecosystem is created in which all the systems work together. To connect all the systems, we use the existing systems and standards, so that this data can subsequently be utilised. Modifications can be achieved quickly, because these can be implemented within Blueriq, easily and transparently, with the corresponding version management. We think in terms of long-term, fast development and maintainability, in close collaboration with our clients.

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More capacity for innovation

Using the Blueriq Platform, WoCo Innovations has built a solution for housing corporations. A knowledge system that makes client contact more intelligent, more personal and more efficient for housing corporations and their clients.

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“Thanks to Blueriq we’ve designed a product that we can use for all municipalities, despite the different IT landscapes. The framework of our application can easily be connected to any IT landscape that we encounter. No municipality is the same. Because the modules can easily be extended, we can respond to this.”

John Kerstens Manager Development, PinkRoccade Local Government View client case study

IT at two speeds

We can create a new application in a short time frame through co-creation. Because we don’t program, just model, applications can easily be modified in response to new insights. This enables you to develop hand in hand with the business owners. We call this ‘IT at two speeds’. Interested to find out how this works?

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The engine of software innovation

Our technology consists of 5 different building blocks to enhance the innovative capacity of your organisation. Read more about the Blueriq Platform and the different building blocks here.

More about the Blueriq Platform

A solution for your market

Many software providers are active within a specific sector. Together with you, we can develop a solution that suits that sector, which utilises all Blueriq’s potential, and which responds to the challenges of your organisation. An example of this is the solution ‘Repair Requests’, specifically developed for housing corporations.

Watch the Repair Requests video

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Then contact Dominique de Wit, commercial manager at Blueriq. Dominique knows exactly how Blueriq can add value to your organisation and what the options are.

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