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For intelligent and personal customer interaction

A fast — or preferably immediate — response, being in the driving seat, being helped in a personal way...  just a few examples of what customers expect from your service provision today.

Blueriq Converse can help you achieve this through smart online interactions and optimum support for self-service. This ensures a good customer experience and helps boost your efficiency.

Faster conversion
Optimal self-service
Reduced turnaround times
Faster conversion
Optimal self-service
Reduced turnaround times
Blueriq converse

In practice

50% fewer status requests
Faster conversion

We created a solution to make the process of applying for business insurance faster and smoother for both Nationale Nederlanden and insurance advisors. Since the implementation of our solution, the time taken to reach conversion has considerably decreased, and the collaboration between advisors and insurance providers is smoother than ever.

Live within a week

The Municipality of Tilburg is a frontrunner in terms of digital services. This is partly due to their independence in the field of IT. Thanks to Blueriq, they can now build most of their applications themselves. With excellent results, as they showed at the start of the corona crisis.

Independent development
More capacity for innovation

Using the Blueriq Platform, WoCo Innovations has built a solution for housing corporations. Namely a knowledge system that makes client contact more intelligent, more personal and more efficient for housing corporations and their customers

Intelligent customer dialogues

Every customer is different. The same applies to customer dialogues. Create a streamlined, personal experience using intelligent customer dialogues. An important starting point for personal and efficient interactions is that customers only need to go through the steps that are essential for them. The same applies to sharing information: only information that is relevant is requested. With this, the customer is in control and the intervention of an employee isn’t usually necessary. Is an expert needed? The request can then be forwarded to another system or work schedule.


Blueriq Converse

Blueriq Converse allows you to design — either independently or with our help — intelligent, rule-based customer dialogues via all possible channels and labels. And without any programming knowledge. The result is intuitive, user-friendly and highly efficient interactions between customer and organisation.


Looking for a specific application?

With more than 25 years’ experience in optimising the customer experience, we can create impactful customer journeys and processes in an extremely short time frame. We’d be happy to explore the options with you.

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Tailored customer interaction

Smart, goal-driven and rule-based customer interaction by always asking the right — and only relevant — questions at the right time.


Open dialogues for multiple labels, via multiple channels and devices, to create a consistent customer experience.

Fast feedback

Customers receive immediate feedback, based on the context that they provide and the information available from (external) sources.

We can innovate quickly. Developing a new module takes six months, from conception to implementation. Our competitors can’t keep up with that
TJERK VENROOY Managing Director, PinkRoccade Local Government
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