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Blueriq for housing associations

Every tenant has a unique situation. That's why agreements between tenants and housing associations are always personal and appropriate to the situation of the tenant. The tenant is bound by a certain payment arrangement and the housing association is expected to support tenants and act adequately in the event of a repair request, for example. Whatever happens during the rental period, the tenant and his unique situation has to be put first. This can easily be achieved when all parties have access to the same information. The right use of technology makes this possible. By providing this technology we help housing associations to offer personal and efficient services.

Knowledge system

Custom Answer

'Antwoord op Maat' or 'Custom Answer' is a knowledge system for housing associations, containing all the information needed to support customer contact. Variables are recorded in the knowledge system that are derived from policy rules and process agreements of the relevant housing association. 'Custom Answer' is built with our platform. The software works on the basis of business rules: policy rules and process agreements are 'tested' in a dialogue on screen, and placed next to the data of the customer profile. Through underlying systems, this solution also registrates work orders and payment arrangements. 'Custom Answers' can be integrated with any software system used within housing associations.

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Payment arrangements

In practise

We previously helped a customer with unambiguous and efficient automation of repair requests, requesting a payment arrangement and carrying out rental changes. In this way we contribute to an efficient and well-functioning customer contact center while improving customer satisfaction.

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Repair requests

The process of submitting and properly handling a tenant's repair requests is important. Not only because many requests are submitted to housing associations every day, but also because a request must be carried out quickly and properly, so that tenants can live comfortably.

Tenants want to complete the arrangement of a repair request as quickly as possible. It is important for housing associations to handle every repair correctly and efficiently. To guarantee this, an external contractor has to be linked to the request system. The tenant, contractor and the employees involved must be aware of and remain informed of the status of the agreements made.

Repair requests

Handling repairs from one central record

Our repair requests solution creates the possibility for all relevant parties to work together from one central record and to thereby guarantee a smooth and personal handling of the repair. This way all relevant parties have acces to the same information. In this video, our colleague Lars explains exactly how this solution works and can be used.

Speed and convenience

The tenant can handle cases with just a few clicks in a matter of minutes. 

Relevante questions

The tenant only has to answer questions that are relevant to him/her. 


The tenant doesn't have to contact a third party.

Central record

The housing association has a clear overview of all relevant information in a central record. 

Fast handling

Requests can be handled more quickly by the housing association.

Fewer mistakes

Because all parties have access to the same central record, there can be no miscommunication.

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