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Create personal, end-to-end customer journeys

How do you create the ultimate customer experience? One that totally responds to the needs and situation of your customers? We can help you with the automation of end-to-end customer journeys. Blueriq Connect connects people, organisations, information and systems. In this way, we orchestrate personal customer journeys and efficient processes, and enable you to create excellent, end-to-end customer journeys.

End-to-end customer journeys
Increased efficiency
End-to-end customer journeys
Increased efficiency
Blueriq connect

Results from the field

Solution within six weeks
The customer first

Within just 6 weeks, we created a harmonised chain solution for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). The solution facilitates the process by which businesses can apply for a COVID assistance scheme, and the processing of these applications. This end-to-end solution ensures streamlined, personal and efficient services, whilst saving considerable time, and reducing the administrative burden.

Higher customer satisfaction
Improving the customer experience for different labels

To process mortgage applications swiftly and correctly, De Volksbank is confronted with various rules, data records and labels. We’ve helped De Volksbank by improving the customer experience and reducing operational costs. De Volksbank customers now have insight into the status of their application whenever they need it.

40% reduction in workload
Faster innovation

To reduce the time-to-market and better respond to customer needs.

The customer record as central point

The central customer record is where everything comes together: people, information, documents and tasks. Customers and employees work together in the same record, with the same information. We connect the necessary (source) systems. In this way, we create a single source of truth and help you lead your customer to their personal goal as quickly as possible.


Looking for a different application?

With more than 25 years’ experience in optimising the customer experience, we can create impactful customer journeys and processes in an extremely short time frame. We’d be happy to explore the options with you.

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Dynamic customer journeys and processes

We make customer journeys and processes dynamic, so that you can adapt quickly if the situation changes. This includes changes to rules or legislation, or in the customer’s circumstances. You can adapt fast, whenever you need to.

Think and act from the customer’s perspective

We can help you operationalise your strategy, guide changes and implement redesigns. We take small steps based on the ‘growing live’ principle, in which everything centres around your customers. The customer record is the central point for your service provision.

Everything in a single central location

We connect customers, employees, information and organisations. In doing so, it’s always clear who has done what and when. And all this in one central location. This saves time on implementing changes and searching for information.


We can innovate quickly. Developing a new module takes six months, from conception to implementation. Our competitors can’t keep up with that"

Tjerk Venrooy Managing Director, PinkRoccade Local Government
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Create a real connection with your customer

Customers that are connected with your brand are much more valuable than customers that are merely satisfied. But how can you make this happen? What do you need to create a genuine connection with your customer?

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