Blueriq's privacy policy

Blueriq will carefully store your (personal) data, while making sure that it is protected. Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are fully compliant to the law on the protection of personal details. In this privacy statement, we'll explain which personal details we collect, process and use and what we do with your data.

The collection and procurement of data
When you visit Blueriq's website or when you subscribe to our newsletter, we receive some of your data. This could be personal data. We will only keep and use the (personal) data which you have provided us or the data of which it is clear that it was given to us in order to be processed.

We offer a newsletter in which we inform you of our products and services. If you wish to receive this newsletter, you will have to sign up first. Your email address will be added to our list of subscribers, which might happen automatically. Each and every one of our newsletters contains a link which you can use to unsubscribe.

In order to optimally use our products and services, we might ask you to follow a sign up procedure, during which you will be asked to supply us with certain bits of personal information. After signing up, we will store your data based on a username which you will have chosen yourself. These log in credentials will, first and foremost, be used to send you information pertaining to our service delivery and to keep you informed of our services.

Emails which are sent to you by Blueriq, might contain tags that Blueriq can use in order to determine whether or not you have received or opened that email, or whether you've clicked on a link inside that email. This can be used by Blueriq to gather insights on whether their emails are being read and how they are received.

Blueriq uses multiple online advertising channels. Blueriq collects data on the advertisements which are clicked and which web pages these advertisements were presented on.

Blueriq has their own social media profiles (for example Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn). We may collect data pertaining to the usage of these social networks.

Like most websites and applications, we use cookies and similar technologies to ensure that our websites and applications work as intended and to gather more information about our users and possible interests of said users. A cookie is a simple, small file that is sent along with the pages of this website [and/or Flash applications] and is saved to your hard drive by your browser.

The supply of data to third parties
Blueriq works with companies who help us execute our activities. These companies deliver services, such as telemarketing services, and they might send emails in our name. In some cases, these companies have access to a portion of your personal data, so that they can provide said services to you in our name. They are not allowed to use your data to further their own ambitions. Furthermore, Blueriq reserves the right to share your data with its sister companies and partners.

Third party websites
Blueriq is in no shape or form responsible for the privacy and cookie policy of websites that link to or are linked to from this website. We strongly advise you to read the privacy and cookie policy of those websites before you decide to use them.

The right to view and edit your data
You have the right to view the data we have about you, to correct that data or to ask us to delete all of it. If you have any further questions about this procedure, please contact us by mail or phone. We ask you to identify yourself in a sufficient manner, to avoid any misconceptions or mistakes.

The storage and security of data
Blueriq will save your personal data and files to Blueriq-owned servers and the servers which are owned by the companies that we hire to store data. Blueriq and these companies secure this data on an administrative, technical and physical level.

Changes to the privacy policy
Blueriq reserves the right to edit this privacy policy. Therefore, we strongly advise you to consult this policy regularly in order to stay updated.