Blueriq release 16

Blueriq release 16

In Blueriq release 16, two elements take center stage: Blueriq Encore and the Case Engine. Blueriq Encore is the updated modelling environment for users and the Case Engine makes case-based work (through case management) easier.


Blueriq Encore is the new modelling environment of the Blueriq platform and a direct successor to the Blueriq Studio. With Blueriq Encore, users can do their work faster and easier, allowing more room to surprise customers. Blueriq Encore represents a significant step forward in areas such as user-friendliness and reusability.

  • New styling and navigation
  • Web-based and available through various browsers
  • Direct modelling support through real-time model validation
  • User interface improvements based on user and customer feedback
  • Quicker start-up times due to improved loading times

Case Engine

The Case Engine includes various improvements in architecture, case-based work (Case modelling), and stability. The Case Engine is event-driven, making case-based work easier and faster.

  • Users can work faster: they no longer need to wait for the system to perform actions they are not dependent on; these actions are executed asynchronously
  • The system can more easily maintain many different case types
  • Increased stability, even under higher system load
  • Enhancements in runtime, search, performance, and data management functionalities
  • Increased usage of standard blocks that execute their function better, resulting in a cleaner model and more consistency.

More information available on the Blueriq Community >

Meer informatie op de Blueriq Community

DCM Dashboard

The DCM Dashboard is an addition to case modelling and is a separate application alongside the Blueriq Runtime and Case Engine, allowing for quick and easy configuration of case dashboards. The DCM Dashboard facilitates seamless collaboration between the Case Engine and the various flows in the Blueriq Runtime necessary for executing the case. By standardizing this application, more time is available for case modelling, while also providing a richer standard dashboard experience. Additionally, the DCM Dashboard enables running in a failover setup with case modelling, ensuring continuous application usage.

  • A standard application focused on DCM dashboards
  • Faster dashboard configuration instead of modelling
  • Seamless integration with the Case Engine and Runtime
  • Clean case models and increased consistency
  • Failover setup possibility
  • Standard authorization and authentication through Openid connect

As a user, you can tell that Encore's user interface has been thoughtfully designed. I feel that our feedback about the Studio has been taken into account.

Blueriq Encore user During their first introduction with Blueriq Encore

Instructional videos about Encore

With changes in styling, navigation, and user experience, modelling in Blueriq Encore is slightly different from Blueriq Studio. Therefore, we have created some instructional videos to provide guidance.

View instructional videos (Dutch)
Encore screenshot


  • How does the transition from Studio to Encore work?
  • How is Encore developed?
  • Do you need an additional license for Encore?
  • How does the transition to case modelling work?
  • Can I get a demo of Encore, the Case Engine, or the DCM dashboard?

How does the transition from Studio to Encore work?

There is no need for migration to switch from Studio to Encore. In release 15, Encore is automatically installed alongside the Studio, and from release 16 onwards, only Encore is available.

How is Encore developed?

Blueriq Encore is fit for the future. This means that Encore is designed to be suitable for upcoming technical developments. The interface design considered feedback from customers over the past years about the Blueriq Studio in addition to open feature requests. All of this to ensure that the modelling platform empowers users to model the best solutions.

Do you need an additional license for Encore?

No, all customers entitled to the Studio will receive Encore under the same conditions as the Studio.

How does the transition to case modelling work?

The step from process modelling to case modelling is not a major migration. The technical implementation of the Blueriq Solution will need to be adjusted. Certain model constructs will also need to be replaced by the newly introduced services and containers. This process is well-documented, and of course, we can provide the necessary support as needed.

Can I get a demo of Encore, the Case Engine, or the DCM dashboard?

Ofcourse! Please get in touch with your Blueriq contact person or Blueriq support.


Do you want to know more about release 16, Encore, or the Case Engine? Contact Yuri Versluis for more information.

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