Blueriq Platform

In a world in which the customer experience is key, and legislation and regulations can change daily, organisations are confronted with technological challenges every day. The Blueriq Platform enables organisations to respond to this and to transform these challenges into a strength. The Blueriq Platform is a rule-based software platform designed for dynamic, business solutions for organisations with knowledge-intensive processes. It enables your organisation to respond quickly and cost effectively to changing circumstances and regulations, so that you can offer every customer a personal and efficient service.

No more silos within organisations
Creates an ecosystem in which all systems work together
Works with a single source of truth

From model to application

The Blueriq Platform allows users to model solutions. In this way, the user (business engineer) converts the language of the business into models. All process and policy knowledge, significance and logic are incorporated within the model. All layers of the Blueriq Platform utilise the same models. This means that an organisation that uses Blueriq always works with a single source of truth. The power of modelling lies in making complexity manageable by translating data, policy, legislation and rules into a solution in a legible way, and in the potential to execute the model as an application.


All layers of the platform

The Blueriq platform is composed of five different building blocks that organisations can use to further enhance their digital power: Engage, Work, Decide, Learn and Adapt. Each building block has unique characteristics. The combination of different layers gives organisations the power to design their processes differently.


Overview of the Blueriq Platform


The Engage layer forms the start of the conversation with your customer, citizen or employee in an intelligent way.

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Work helps organisations and employees set up a process that serves the employees and customer or citizen.

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Decide is where automated decisions are made, or decision-supporting information returned to the employee.

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The Learn layer allows for learning from automated rules by tracing these and converting them into opportunities and points for improvement.

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The Adapt layer makes organisations agile in the area of technology and is responsible for the connection with other systems.

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Blueriq in a landscape

Automation is not a new phenomenon, and every organisation has different systems within their IT landscape. Maintaining efficiency whilst adapting to the changing needs of a customer or citizen is a major challenge. That’s why the Blueriq Platform can integrate completely within any existing IT landscape. Blueriq connects the systems already present within the IT landscape into a single, harmonised whole. To do this, Blueriq uses standard links, standardised protocols and architecture principles.

Discover more in the Blueriq Community

In the Blueriq Community, you’ll find everything you need to know about Blueriq. Search for documentation, read about the latest releases and features and put questions to our Blueriq experts.

Blueriq Community

Blueriq training and certification

Our top Blueriq specialists have developed training courses for the fast acquisition of knowledge and skills, so that you or your colleagues can also build complex applications with Blueriq. You can also become certified as a Blueriq user. Read about the different options at the Blueriq Academy.

Blueriq Academy

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