Customised government services

Personal as well as efficient service. In our view, this can go hand in hand. With our smart technology, we focus on your customer. At the same time, we ensure that requests are processed as efficiently as possible. That makes everyone happy, you and your customer.

Experience it for yourself
Customised services
Optimal help for your customer case
Experience it for yourself
Customised services
Optimal help for your customer case

How do you feel when you receive exceptional service?

Within the government authorities, digitisation is too often regarded as standardisation of the paper process. Because standardisation means cost savings. Our experts understand that standardisation is not the solution. They are familiar with the complex IT landscape in government authorities. They also know that efficiency and personal service can go hand in hand. Because granting a subsidy is not about efficiency, but about fulfilling someone's dream.


You're in good company

We work intensively with our customers from day one. You are the expert in your branch and we have ideas about how we can elevate your services to the next level with our experts and technology. That's what we offer our customers and partners.


The Blueriq approach in five easy steps

The success of your personal and efficient services depends on how we make and implement our solution. We have our own unique approach for this. As such, we work together to create a service that makes every citizen and service provider happy.

More about our approach
Customised services

Governments and their knowledge workers provide their customers with customised services, resulting in more efficient handling of a case.

Better customer experience

People are the focus in every case and faster handling of requests ensures a significant growth in customer experience.

Lower operational costs

The software is good first time; we make it together. No improvisation is required by knowledge workers, so no repair costs or compliance issues.


Make a genuine connection with your customer

Citizens are increasingly accustomed to receiving personal and fast service. As an organisation, you realise this. Because you no longer make a real impact with the product alone, but with the service you offer. Many organisations therefore devote a lot of time and attention to improving customer journeys and then incorporating them in their existing services. But then the attention focuses not on the citizen, but on the process. What do you need to establish a genuine connection with your customer? How do you win their heart?

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