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The Blueriq Platform is composed of 5 different layers that organisations can use to further enhance their digital power: Engage, Work, Decide, Learn and Adapt. Work helps organisations and employees set up a process that serves the employees and customer or citizen.

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The customer’s question at the centre

The Work layer is responsible for executing the process that serves the employee or customer. Only the activities that are necessary are executed. No unnecessary actions are required, thanks to the smart interplay between automated knowledge tasks and tasks for employees or customers. The customer’s question is always central to every case. Each case provides a relevant composition of all available data within the organisation and makes a dashboard available to all stakeholders. Here, each stakeholder only sees the information that is relevant to them at that moment. The employee can initiate tasks from the dashboard and can easily track the progress of the case. Everyone works from a single source of truth.


Process Engine

The Process Engine is the engine behind all Blueriq processes. This engine is powered by rules and actions, and executes tasks based on these. The Process Engine truly comes into its own when the situation is complex and task orchestration is important.


Case Engine

In contrast to the Process Engine, the Case Engine executes actions based on information present in the case at that moment. By applying the rules, the Case Engine determines which actions can or must be executed at each moment by the system or by the users. This makes the Case Engine perfect for every case system.

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Want to know more about the Blueriq Platform, or would you like to experience Blueriq in a one-day course? Then follow the Blueriq one-day training course via the Blueriq Academy or join the Blueriq Community to learn much more about the platform.

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