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The Blueriq Platform is composed of 5 different layers that organisations can use to further enhance their digital power: Engage, Work, Decide, Learn and Adapt. The Learn layer allows for learning from automated rules by tracing these and converting them into opportunities and points for improvement.

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Learn from legislation and rules

Many rules are derived from legislation or product policy. By explicitly indicating the source of these automated rules, it’s possible to trace how policy is translated into implementation. This basis can be used to learn where the inconsistencies and opportunities lie, in order to implement more effective changes in the solution.

By revealing how policy rules are used, it becomes clear what the rules are, how these rules are used and whether it’s a good thing that they are invoked. Explain makes all this possible. With Policies (see image), the source of the rules or the policy can also be documented. This makes it possible to trace how rules are translated into implementation. With the combination of these factors, every organisation has the right tools to improve their own processes for the benefit of their service provision.

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