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The Blueriq Platform is composed of 5 different layers that organisations can use to further enhance their digital power: Engage, Work, Decide, Learn and Adapt. The Engage layer forms the start of the conversation with your customer, citizen or employee in an intelligent way.

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Intelligent and personal customer interaction

Engage gives organisations the power to design the interaction with customers, citizens, partners and employees in an intelligent way. The Blueriq Platform helps in this by enabling all the typical interaction to take place. Depending on the form of interaction chosen by the customer or employee, Blueriq always gives a personalised response based on known data. We call this working with a ‘single source of truth’, in which account is taken of (legislative) frameworks. This form of intelligent interaction empowers customers, citizens and employees by only showing or asking for information that is relevant to them.


Intelligent forms

With Blueriq Forms, you can create intelligent forms. Forget about forms with a hundred questions that aren’t even relevant. With Blueriq, only the information that is relevant at that moment in the process is visible to the user. The Blueriq Platform achieves this by using the information that’s already known about the user and their question. These forms are far nicer to work with, not only for the user, but also for the employee. Validation occurs swiftly and it’s quickly clear what the next step is for the customer.

“Thanks to Blueriq, all the steps that a customer needs to take - from logging in to logging out - are clear and well organised. It’s also personal: the customer isn’t presented with questions about products or schemes that aren’t relevant to them. The advantage of Blueriq is that you can build something like this very fast. Within one month, we had a prototype and not long after that we went live.”
client from the financial sector

Blueriq Community

Want to know more about the Blueriq Platform, or would you like to experience Blueriq in a one-day course? Then follow the Blueriq one-day training course via the Blueriq Academy or join the Blueriq Community to learn much more about the platform.

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