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The Blueriq Platform is composed of 5 different layers that organisations can use to further enhance their digital power: Engage, Work, Decide, Learn and Adapt. The Decide layer is where automated decisions are made or decision-supporting information returned to the employee.

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From knowledge in the mind to knowledge in a process

Business knowledge and rules are often located on paper or in the minds of knowledge employees. The Decide layer of the Blueriq platform enables this knowledge to be documented in a way that’s legible and maintainable, as the basis for the further automation of a process. The greater the (legislative) changeability and/or complexity of this business knowledge, the more the value of knowledge modelled in Blueriq truly becomes apparent. To make the automated decisions in the landscape available, they can be unlocked via an API.


The documenting of knowledge in legible modules makes the process and the decisions made within it more transparent and understandable.

Trust in decisions

Thanks to the transparent process and decision-making, the trust in automated processes increases.

Support for the employee

Blueriq matches the available information with possible solutions, thus helping the employee make the right decision.

Rule Engine

Solutions built with Blueriq are rule-based. That means that solutions created with Blueriq make decisions based on rules. The origin of the rules lies in the domain model, in which all knowledge and information is stored. Based on domain models and decision trees, the Rule Engine makes decisions. The Rule Engine executes the rules through backward chaining and is the heart of the Blueriq platform.


Match Engine

The Match Engine selects the best matches based on the entered information or preferences. The Match Engine presents the option that is closest to the 100% match. The intelligent part of the Engine also allows weighting to be assigned to certain options.


Experience it for yourself

You only truly experience the power of the Blueriq Platform when you see the potential for yourself and realise just how flexible the platform is. To experience Blueriq for yourself, you can request a demo via the button below. Looking for more? Then follow one of our training courses, such as Business Modelling with Blueriq. Discover Blueriq in one day or learn more about case-driven working with Blueriq in a course on Dynamic Case Management.

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