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The Blueriq Platform is composed of 5 different layers that organisations can use to further enhance their digital power: Engage, Work, Decide, Learn and Adapt. The Adapt layer makes organisations agile in the area of technology.

Platform overview
Platform afbeelding

Agile, fast and adaptable

The Adapt layer of the Blueriq Platform enables organisations to be agile. With Blueriq, organisations can respond quickly when required, based on high-quality, powerful accelerators. The way in which Blueriq is constructed also allows a clear distinction to be made between responsibilities. With this, a lifecycle can be created specific to each component. Adapt is also responsible for the connection with other systems and the transfer of data.

Adapt includes the following components:

Blueriq Publisher

Blueriq Publisher helps simplify the distribution of applications in environments.

Blueriq Model Analyzer

Blueriq Model Analyzer provides an objective assessment of the quality of Blueriq models. Models can be analysed and checked for errors that lead to poorly maintainable and vulnerable models.

Blueriq Control Center

Organisations that utilise Blueriq for larger or multiple applications often have limited insight into the use of reusable components. The Blueriq Control Center helps with this. It localises reused elements (among others) and imports multiple libraries in different projects in an action.

“Thanks to Blueriq, all the steps that a customer needs to take - from logging in to logging out - are clear and well organised. It’s also personal: the customer isn’t presented with questions about products or schemes that aren’t relevant to them. The advantage of Blueriq is that you can build something like this very fast. Within one month we had a prototype and not long afterwards we went live.”

Blueriq Community

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Want to know more about the Blueriq Platform, or would you like to experience Blueriq in a one-day course? Then follow the Blueriq one-day training course via the Blueriq Academy or join the Blueriq Community to learn much more about the platform.

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