Sector-specific solutions Blueriq for the government

Blueriq for the government

Every citizen is unique and has their own wishes and challenges. That’s why the citizen should always take centre stage when setting up the service provision of any governmental agency. Case-driven work is the tool to provide personal and efficient services for your client. We make sure you can align with the personal situation of every customer, without compromising on efficiency, security or compliance. What’s more, we also enable you to update your case system quickly and easily, whenever that is necessary due to new legislation, rules or insights.

Case-driven work within your organisation

With our clients and projects, over the past few years we’ve gained a great deal of experience in case-driven working. This includes areas such as inspections, permits, subsidies and objection and appeal. Thanks to this experience, reusable technology, and our expertise and approach, we can help you reap the benefits of case-driven working within just a few weeks.


The benefits

A central location

where all stakeholders work together.

The central record

links to external parties and existing IT systems and information sources

Lower administrative burden
Based on ‘Need to know, need to do’
Citizens are helped more quickly

Objection and appeal

Whenever decisions are made, residents and organisations have the right to object. The number of objections is on the rise, and it is increasingly important to provide optimum support to your own employees (including lawyers) and make the objection and appeal process as user friendly as possible. We have optimised this process and made it user friendly. The General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht, Awb) has been the guiding principle behind this (compliant).

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Carrying out regular checks that are compliant with current laws and regulations is a daily activity for many large companies, municipalities and government agencies. During the inspection process, it is essential that correct and relevant information is available to all parties involved. Blueriq Inspections ensures that this is guaranteed.

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Together we make the difference

We always work intensively with our clients. Together, we look at the most valuable customer journey. This gives a clear picture of the challenges within your organisation. You know the most about the citizen, their customer journey and your organisation. We know everything about Blueriq and about what’s happening in the market and with other clients. This combination ensures that together, we can make the difference for your customer, the citizen.


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