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You only truly experience the value of the Blueriq Platform when you build a model in Blueriq yourself or see how it can help you make a difference. How can you explore the platform further?


The Blueriq Academy provides various training courses that have been developed by our top Blueriq specialists. These include courses for beginners, professionals and experts. In these courses, there’s an optimum mix between theory and practice, so that you can quickly gain knowledge and skills and start putting them into practice.

Blueriq Community

In the Blueriq Community, you’ll find everything you need to know about Blueriq. Search for documentation, read about the latest releases and features, and put your questions to our Blueriq experts. The Community is for anyone who comes into contact with Blueriq. Would you like to join? Registration is easy.

Blueriq Certification

Blueriq certification is the programme for Business Engineers and Developers who would like to be certified in the use of Blueriq. More than 250 specialists have already completed the programme. Would you like to be next?


The Blueriq Platform in action

How do you build models in Blueriq? How do you derive logic in Blueriq? How does Blueriq enable the early approval of mortgages? On these pages, you’ll find more videos about the Blueriq Platform and the solutions that can be created with it.

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