Blueriq Certification

Blueriq certification certifies and registers professionals based on their Blueriq knowledge and experience through practical audits. It offers the market more certainty regarding quality of work that Blueriq professionals can be expected to deliver. Are you next?


Blueriq associates are specialists who have completed the basic course (Business Modeling Foundation of Technical Foundation) and who have subsequently acquired four months' project experience. They can model in Blueriq independently or make technical adjustments


Blueriq professionals are specialists who have completed multiple courses, contributed to the Blueriq Community and is has at least 2,5 years’ experience with Blueriq, of which at least 6 months in a leading role.


The Blueriq Expert uses his expertise in the Blueriq Community to improve (the use) of Blueriq. The expert can design and substantiate choices he makes. He or she has at least 5 years of Blueriq experience on at least 3 project. At least one of these projects included a migration between major versions.

Apply for certification
To get certified, you must meet a number of criteria. These differ per level and can be found in the regulations. Questions? Please contact

Costs for certification
Depending on the level, certification costs €79, €129 or €199. For this price, you get a credit in the public register, a physical certificate, discount on training and meetings and free participation in a What’s new session, which we organize which every major release.

More information?

For more information about Blueriq Certification, visit the Blueriq Community.

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