Blueriq touches the daily lives of 90% of the Dutch population

Applying for mortgages, subsidies or insurance, during inspections and in many other situations. All of these life events are powered by Blueriq. We help organisations achieving their purpose: being of service to their customers. No matter how complicated the inquiry, case or situation may be.

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Optimal customer experience
Higher productivity
Higher level of satisfaction among customers and employees
Optimal customer experience
Higher productivity
Higher level of satisfaction among customers and employees

We are Blueriq

Everyone has the right to perfect, personal, and efficient service from the government, financial service providers, and other organizations. That’s why we design excellent customer service, always starting with the customer's goal. We create dynamic and efficient processes that personally help each customer achieve their goal quickly. Our software solutions enable the modeling, maintenance, and rapid market deployment of customer processes. For our experts and software, no process is too complex. With over 25 years of experience and extreme dedication, we help every organization make a difference for its customers. Watch the video (English subtitles) and get to know us even better.

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Higher customer loyalty

The added value of Blueriq in the financial sector is clear for this bank. Thanks to Blueriq, they have a customer-centric service, which enables their customers to take care of their online banking needs themselves.

GDPR Certificate

Thanks to Blueriq, one of the largest Dutch insurance companies managed to win the hearts of their customers.


Together with PinkRoccade, we make the government more flexible and efficient than ever before.

Our vision on services

Make a difference

Your product no longer has the impact it used to have. These days people expect a better experience. Your brand promise and, of course, your day-to-day customer service are in the spotlight. Your service has to become personal, fast and adaptive, satisfying the standards that leading brands have set. Blueriq helps you support your customers during every moment of their journey, so you have time to focus on what’s important delivering great services to your customers and building an emotional connection.

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Our clients

You’re in good company

In order to achieve the best results, we focus on creating long-lasting relationships with every customer. Our customers range from mortgage servicers and central governments to housing corporations, healthcare organisations and telecoms providers. We feel right at home in every domain that is dealing with knowledge intensive processes.


Our approach has worked for organisations all over the Netherlands for the past 25 years. That’s why we have faith in it. We are not succesful until you are.

  • 30% Cut in your operational costs
  • 40% Less workload for your employees
  • 30% Increase in customer satisfaction
  • 40% Less time and money spend on IT
  • 25% Increase of your employee satisfaction
  • 9+ Customer Experience

How we help you

For a product or service to be successful, it needs to fulfill the needs of your customer. We’ve noticed that companies often struggle to find where they should start improving their customer journey. Throughout the years, we’ve developed our own approach to assist companies in this journey. Together with your subject matter experts, we examine the promises you make to your customers. We can help you apply our best practices and how you can use existing resources to pave the road to a customer-centric business.

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With over 150 colleagues, we empower our customers to create the best service they can offer. Personal and efficient. Because your customers are our business.

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