Technical Foundation

This course focuses on adapting and configuring the Blueriq platform. Software developers learn how they can expand Blueriq with customer-specific custom work. The first day provides an overview of the Blueriq platform. On the second and third days, participants learn how the application can be extended with plug-ins.

Menno Gülpers
Menno Gülpers
Blueriq Academy Manager
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Important info

  • date: 15 April
  • time: 09.30 - 16.30
  • location: 's-Hertogenbosch
  • duration: 3 dagen

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  • Acquire knowledge and experience in Blueriq integration
  • Knowledge of Blueriq
  • Learn about the Studio and Runtime environment
  • Ability to model basic applications
  • Develop plug-ins

Target group

  • Software Developers
  • Technical Engineers

Required prior knowledge

  • Object-oriented thinking
  • At least one year's experience with Java 8 or higher
  • Knowledge of unit testing (JUnit)
  • Business Modeling Foundation
  • Knowledge of Maven


  • Introduction to the Blueriq platform
  • Modelling in Studio and execute application in Runtime
  • Debugging and testing
  • Domain model, entities, attributes, organisations, logics
  • Flows & Pages
  • Runtime process
  • Blueriq API
  • The various extension points
  • How to create plug-ins
  • Blueriq integration
  • Project structure
  • Develop services, containers, validation rules and external value lists
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