Blueriq Sales Propositions

This half-day course tells the story as Blueriq presents itself in the market. Based on the basic propositions Decision Management, Customer Experience Management and Dynamic Case Management, their unique aspects are explained and how these can fulfil a certain customer need. We study the target groups, their pain and needs and show how you can respond to these from a product ideal as this is supported by Blueriq.

Menno Gülpers
Menno Gülpers
Blueriq Academy Manager
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Important info

  • date: 20 July
  • time: 09.30 - 12.30
  • location: 's-Hertogenbosch
  • duration: 1/2 dag

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This course will still be planned on the same day as the Blueriq Test Approach course, so that these two half-day courses may be done on the same day if necessary. Blueriq is explained from different angles: product, project, public, finance, new markets, OEM.


  • Acquire general knowledge of the Blueriq platform from a Sales perspective
  • Understand the three propositions and their value
  • Embrace different pitches from different angles
  • The ability to deal with customer needs and Blueriq's response to these
  • Insight into the playing field outside Blueriq

Target group

  • Sales managers
  • Business consultants
  • Product consultants
  • Account managers
  • Solution architects

Required prior knowledge

  • General familiarity with company processes and rules
  • Basic commercial skills


  • Basic propositions Blueriq
  • Important concepts of a model-driven DCM platform
  • Overview of the architecture
  • Brief overview of the competitors
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