Business Modeling Professional

This professional course takes a more in-depth look at the designing, modelling, implementing and distributing of complex applications according to the Blueriq best practices. The course focuses on modellers with at least 4 months' Blueriq project experience. Participants learn to independently set up applications using real-life business cases.

Menno Gülpers
Menno Gülpers
Blueriq Academy Manager
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Important info

  • date: 24 May
  • time: 09.30 - 16.30
  • location: 's-Hertogenbosch
  • duration: 3 dagen

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  • Model complex applications
  • Understand multi-label, multi-device and multi-language
  • Independently set up a Blueriq project
  • Apply basic version management
  • Link requirements to the model
  • Set up a web (WSDL) service
  • Set up a unit test
  • Explore the possibilities for documenting
  • Distribute an application
  • Share knowledge with and learn from Blueriq specialists on other projects

Target group

  • Business engineers
  • Business analysts
  • Application managers

Required prior knowledge

  • Successfully completed Business Modelling Foundation course
  • At least 4 months' hands-on experience in modelling Blueriq applications (or Blueriq Associate certification)
  • Knowledge of business processes
  • Knowledge of business requirements


  • Requirements analysis
  • Project and application structure
  • Version management
  • Complex logics and unit testing
  • Specifications
  • Justifications
  • WSDL Services
  • Delivering applications
  • Unit tests
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