We help organisations to help their customers in a personal way.

We do this by providing the right experts, our unique approach and our smart technology. We rise to every challenge and focus on our goal: enabling you to help your customers in a personal and efficient way.

Blueriq touches the daily lives of 90% of the Dutch population

We’ve been helping organisations optimise their customer experience since 1996. It all started with the development of faster and easier to process interactions. But that’s all in the past. Your customer expects a customer centric service. Today, the focus is on customer experience and engagement. No matter how complicated the inquiry, case or situation may be.

We are part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) since 2014.

Every Blueriq colleague has the same passion: enabling our customers to create a personal and efficient service for their customers.
Jan van Deenen Managing Director Blueriq
Team Blueriq

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