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Objection and appeal with Blueriq

Every day, governmental agencies make decisions for citizens and organisations. Citizens and organisations are entitled to object to a decision. This right is enshrined in the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht, Awb). In such situations, lawyers are trained to review the decision in question. Blueriq enables lawyers, civil servants and other stakeholders to receive optimum support, and places the objector at the centre of the process. With this, the objector always knows what to expect throughout the various stages of the process.

The best practices gathered from fellow agencies can be applied in the agency's own context.

The objection and appeal solution can be integrated within any IT architecture.

Time to market: the application can be tailored to the organisation’s specific situation in an extremely short time frame.

Compliant with legislation and regulations wherever possible: General Administrative Law Act, Public Records Act,  GDPR,  WCAG, Government Information Security Baseline.

A client case

In practice

The objection and appeal process is an important process within the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) (Education Executive Agency). By using the Blueriq Objection and Appeal solution, the lawyers at DUO can work more personally and effectively. They can focus more on the content of the case, rather than the process. Thanks to Blueriq, DUO handles objections in a straightforward way, within the statutory time frame, and is prepared to deal with the expected large increase in objections.

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The case manager...

Always has an overview of the correct information, system tasks that have been executed, all stakeholders involved and relevant documents.

Can see how much time has elapsed, thus guaranteeing that objections are handled within the statutory time frame.

Can make decisions quickly and effectively and apply them in customised form to other similar cases.

Can utilise standard amendable documents.

The objector...

Is at the centre of the process and is always aware of the status of their objection and when they can expect a response.

Has their objection handled within the statutory time frame, thus avoiding fines and periodic penalty payments.

Is helped to submit a good and complete objection.

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