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Services must focus on the customer, not on the process. However complex that request or situation. With Dynamic Case Management, complex processes and a changing environment go hand in hand. It ensures fast, personal, integrated and targeted handling of cases between your customers, employees and other stakeholders. That makes everyone happy, you and your customer.

Personal customer service
The empowered employee
Respond to changes
Personal customer service
The empowered employee
Respond to changes

What is dynamic case management?

With Dynamic Case Management, you focus on the case. By case, we mean your customer's case. This includes your customer's mortgage application, for example. Or a subsidy request. All the information that is required to successfully finalise this application comes together in the case. The case is not just the focal point for the customer, but also for the employee. The customer only sees the information that is relevant to him or her and its current status. Employees can see at a glance the current status of the request and what actions are still required.

Personal customer service

Your service becomes better, more personal and faster. The customer is really understood, helped, and is always aware of the status of his or her request. And this ensures more satisfied customers, who will come back.

The empowered employee

Employees can see the current status of a case at a glance. And because all the decisions can be viewed, transparency and compliance with current legislation and regulations are totally guaranteed.

Respond to changes

With DCM, you model your own dynamic applications and rule-driven models to show processes and decisions. This ensures that you can respond to changes fast.


Personal and efficient

The customer is key. Even if the customer doesn't go through the standard process from A to Z. Everyone works in a centralised environment, enabling employees to work together better and more efficiently. This creates the time and scope to focus on the key task: truly helping your customers. And provides that personal, perfect service.


To make your solution truly successful, we need each other. We therefore work with you intensively, from day one. Your customer is our business.

Continuous improvement

In a digital world, solutions are never done. Laws or rules are constantly changing. Your solution must adapt accordingly. For that reason, you need to continuously improve.

Control of IT

With our model-driven software, we respond to your improvement processes. If things need to be done differently today than planned yesterday, that can be arranged by tomorrow

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