The added value of Blueriq in the financial sector

Insurance requests for businesses don't always go as smoothly as you'd want. The online relationship between the advisors and their customers is often interrupted by trivial matters. This results in extra work and a lot of unclarity. Blueriq ensured that these two parties were on the same wavelength.

The result

50% less updates needed

Collaborating is easier than ever before. The amount of status update requests they receive by email of phone was halved.

37,5% faster throughput

Before Blueriq, it took them 8 days to close a deal. Now it only takes them 5 days.

Online sales doubled

The online services of this customer now make up 60% of all requests, while this was only 30% before our implementation.

We help our customers make their service excel, because that's how you should differentiate yourself in the financial industry. Considering the competitive nature of the financial sector, we've chosen not to mention our clients' names.

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