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How PinkRoccade leverages Blueriq on a governmental level

Everyone knows the stories. You just need to drop by the town hall for a new passport, but you're stuck there for hours. First you have to wait for what seems to be an eternity. Afterwards you have to ask dozens of unnecessary questions. In order to avoid this, PinkRoccade develops its software based on the Blueriq platform. This allows the Dutch municipalities to profit from the flexibility that Blueriq offers. 


We can innovate quickly thanks to Blueriq; the development of a new module takes us half a year, from idea to implementation. That’s something our competitors simply cannot beat.

TJERK VENROOY Managing Director PinkRoccade Local Government
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More online possibilities

You can now even change your legal address online. This allows everyone to save lots of time that would be spent on travelling and waiting, since everything now happens from the comfort of your own home.

Tailored packages

Not every city or town has the same needs. One wants to focus on students, while another one might want the exact opposite. Blueriq's flexibility makes tailoring software possible.

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Korte time-to-market

The more civilians can do themselves online, the less civil servants have to do. This frees up valuable time that they can spend helping the people who are in front of them at that moment.

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