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Customer loyalty has a high priority on the financial sector's strategic agenda. And it should. That's why banks are focused on creating a lasting connection with their customers. A good example would be rentemiddelen, an online tool that was developed by one of the Netherlands' most innovative mortgage lenders. Through rentemiddelen, their customers can obtain a lower interest rate, even when their fixed-rate period hasn't expired yet.

Customer case: Florius


Thanks to our technology, it was possible to decrease the interest rate of their clients through a process that takes place online in its entirety. That's how we also managed to lower their monthly mortgage payments. The customers can freely consult their interest rate and the duration of their rate fixation period in an online environment. This is where rentemiddelen allows them to pick a new fixed-rate period to present them with a calculation of how much this could possibly save them each month right away.



Higher customer loyalty

Fewer customers switched mortage providers at the end of the fixed-rate period thanks torentemiddelen.

More revenue

This small change in how they handle interest rates resulted in a long-term increase in revenue.

Plenty of awards

Our customer received multiple awards for their exceptional customer experience and innovative approach.

We help our customers make their service excel, because that's how you should differentiate yourself in the financial industry. Considering the competitive nature of the financial sector, we've chosen not to mention our clients' names.

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