Technical Professional

This interactive workshop (previously known as Architect Workshop) covers the entire breadth of Blueriq, from design to integration. A prior intake is performed, after which the course is adapted to the specific wishes and needs.


  • Introduction to Blueriq
  • Introduction to modelling in Studio and executing applications in Runtime
  • Blueriq’s Architecture and design principles
  • Understand different approaches to implementing Blueriq

Target group

  • Software Architects
  • Senior Solution Architects
  • Senior Software Developers


1 or 2 days (9:30 - 17:00), depending on the specific needs which have been identified during an intake.

Required prior knowledge

  • Knowledge of business processes
  • Experience with architecture, integration software, deployments, web services and databases


  • Blueriq Studio
  • Blueriq Concepts
  • Blueriq Runtime process
  • Blueriq Runtime hooks
  • Roles
  • Components
  • Presentation
  • Deployment
  • Blueriq Publisher
  • Version Management
  • Connectivity
  • Persistence
  • Security
  • Integration scenarios

New training courses

This course is not planned, but offered exclusively as a customised course. Contact the Blueriq Academy via